Self Portrait

Self Portrait

A little about me.... I was born in Gdansk, Poland, raised in the U.S. and have lived in Paris, New York and now the San Francisco Bay Area. Always feeling a compulsive urge to travel, and coming from an international upbringing, my insatiable curiosity and love to work in the cinéma vérité style has opened many doors for me to "see" and "tell" impactful and heart-achingly beautiful stories, from sitting with the High Priestess of Bali and learning about water to documenting stories of marginalized illegal immigrants and refugees living on the fringes of Paris to being invited to tell the story of Tamera, eco-village in Southern Portugal in a feature length documentary.

I have an Emmy Nomination and a variety of creative work under my belt. For two years, I also managed a Contemporary Dance Company in New York City, have organized events and has produced award winning and internationally traveling dance, film, and theater productions. Most recently, I co-founded
Re/Culture Media, telling stories for a regenerative culture and currently directing my first feature length documentary called UNION, a documentary about the art of love. SENSUAL SURREALISM is my photographic project with dear friend and collaborator, top model Kim Iglinsky, in which we fuse personal change-work (NLP) with photography to create visual anchors for women to facilitate their embodiment of more of their whole selves, their sensual side and their power.

Being a student of life, I also hold a Master NLP Practitioner certification, training in Council, Dynamic Governance, Circling, Forum and live in community, tending land in Sonoma County, CA.

If you’d like to get touch about a photoshoot or film work, please write to me below! I love hearing from you.

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The Good Word.....

"Julia has an uncanny knack for finding the interior motive within the most unassuming and even every-day acts. Her Minds eye is well coupled with her keen storytelling skill and her sharp insistent approach to get the cam where the viewer wants it."  

- Mark Anton Read, Award-Winning Director of Photographer, Visual Effects Director & Producer.




"David Whyte writes, "To be human is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others."  Julia's work brings that most hidden jewel of authenticity and beauty out to become visible as a gift to the world.  Her warmth and curiosity made the vulnerable experience of being seen easeful and transformative." 

- Lauren Ashley Brown (


"Julia is incredibly easy and fun to work with. She has a really positive vibe during shooting, flexibility in scheduling and super professional. She just nailed our video. She captured exactly the mood and feeling that we want to convey to our clients while also touching on every single one of a dozen or so points that we wanted to convey. It's amazing she pulled it all off and made it look totally natural."

- Andrei & Renata Stoica, Tiny B Chocolate (


"Julia bathes everyone in her field with warm approval and evocation of our best selves. In our photo shoot, she immediately soothed my anxiety and welcomed a comfortable embodiment. She held my intentions throughout the session, reminding me of my own bigger picture and desires. She moved nimbly and thoroughly, offering a steady stream of creative guidance. She was also graciously responsive to my ideas, though I only wish I had let go and followed her lead EVEN MORE, because all of the shots that were her suggestions turned out to be the best ones! I would (and did) recommend her to all my friends!"

      ~Kait Singley, Sexological Bodyworker

"I want to thank you for showing up yesterday. Not just showing up in order to gather info for the film, but for "showing up”. Clearly, this is how you do your life and your work. There is no separation.  Your work is the movement of your essence in life.  I see this.  It is what I was drawn to about you, even if I could not have articulated it initially.  Now that I have spent time with you, it is so evident.  And this is where my adoration arises from. You are, on all levels, simply adorable."

- Sarah Marshank, Founder of Selfistry and Author of "Being Self-ish"