Healing of Water

The incredible Rajendra Singh, also know as 'Water Man of India,' has brought water back to over 1,000 villages and rejuvenated seven rivers.

In these times of rapidly increasing global warming and climate change, we need stories beyond just hope. And so, we share a story of how one man has catalyzed thousands of individuals to work together to restore their water sheds.

We feel that the way towards a regenerative future is to build up a culture of collaboration with one another and in relation to 'place.' As Rajendra iterates in this piece," with the disciplined use of water, we create the healing of water."

Produced by Re/Culture Media.

New Frontiers 2016: The Bug Man

Ruud Kleinpaste is a Dutch-New Zealander naturalist and host of the Animal Planet series Buggin' with Ruud. After attending school in The Netherlands, he studied plant sciences at Wageningen University, eventually earning a degree in silviculture. At the age of 20 he became interested in entomology.

After immigrating to New Zealand,  he started a talkback radio show ("Ruud's Awakening") in which he offers environmentally friendly horticultural tips to gardeners. The success of this show led to some fame in New Zealand, where he is known as "the Bugman." He retired from MAF in the middle 1990s for a career as an ecological consultant. This line of work has led to television work inside and outside New Zealand, which has brought further fame for him and his environmental causes. These include promoting environmentally friendly agricultural techniques, the protection of endangered native NZ birds, and, most famously, the understanding and appreciation of insects, spiders, and other terrestrial arthropods.

Filmed in New Zealand, February 2016.

Running Springs Ranch

The following concerns a beautiful 80 acre property in the rolling hills of Mendocino California. 

It is located 15 minutes from Orr hot springs and adjacent to Montgomery Redwoods State park (home of the tallest tree in the world). 
The land currently has a small cabin with all the basic amenities (fridge, hot water, toilette, kitchen etc), a large redwood barn, a greenhouse, two out buildings, a gorgeous year round pond and a newly planted 100 fruit and nut tree orchard.

It is co-owned by a group of 31 adults and 11 children who are wildly willing themselves into new paradigms of family, friendship, relationship to land and community.

To know more, visit runningspringsranch.org