UNION follows a millennial woman's journey through love and loss as she takes us on her personal quest to find and keep love amidst a Hollywood-narrative-driven society that does not teach us to love the endings of things.



film credit: Director, Editor



In a time of escalating divorce rates, increased transparency about forays into polyamory, open relationships, shifting gender roles in the home, workplace, relationships and the like, this feature length documentary comes forth to explore pressing questions about how to find ones true path in love amidst the bombardment of Hollywood stories of happily ever after.  The director, a millennial, narrates the story as she finds herself falling in love with a man who she believes is “the one.” When he proposes marriage, she goes on a personal quest to understand and validate pressing questions about how to form a successful union in the times we are living in.

Crafted from a past retold in interviews, surreal dream-like video poems and intimate verité footage, the film has a poetic European art film aesthetic meets Burning Man dance rave – a meeting which helps to visually transcends barriers, thus creating the necessary cognitive dissonance needed to fully imagine the possibility of a new narrative in love.

The director frames her personal journey in love and loss with narration, voice memos and by spotlighting the ups, downs and learnings in radical love relationships of her inspiring, alternative San Francisco Bay Area community.  

The film leverages dominant culture, challenging our ideas of “failure” when relationships comes to an end. It asks, how do we find and keep the love we want and also how can we cope with transition and reframe our sense of what it means to be in a Union in a culture that does not teach us to learn to love the endings of things?

For more information, visit www.uniondocumentary.com