Film Credit: Director, Producer, Editor

This feature length documentary puts the spotlight on a unique community based in the San Francisco Bay Area whose commonly share the belief that love relationships are the highest available growth path. 

Narrated by the director, the film is framed by her own love story that led to epic heartbreak and to her to a deep inquiry about the nature of UNION. This film is an intimate and revealing introspective on the age old quest to find "the one."  

Diving into the true love story behind the couple in Android Jones's famous painting "UNION,' shedding light on this co-living, co-creative community, who makes an annual pilgrimage to the festival of impermanence (also known as Burning Man), this film takes you into the intimate lives of a tightly woven modern day tribe that endeavors to answer the biggest questions we all have in love.

This is a feature length picture, fusing visionary art from world famous artist Android Jones and animated by 3D visual artist Tatyana Yasko of Acacia Visuals. This film is directed by filmmaker Julia Maryanska with an original music score from Academy-Award nominated sound designer/composer NIMITAE, whose multi-dimensional musical works tells the love stories through music, and thus inspired the film's conception.  

In her quest to find and keep her "one," we discover alongside the protagonist how love may serve our highest transformation. 

Currently in Post-Production.