Women's Wisdom

Created in Honor of International Women's Day. Relevant every day.

With special thanks to Namaste Org and Bioneers for helping to produce this.

Filmed by Julia Maryanska & Ian Mackenzie, with supporting footage from Zipporah Lomax and John Wolfstone

Edited by Julia Maryanska

Music by Zoe Keating

R-evolution: Burning Man 2015

Filmed by Julia Maryanska & Beth Nelsen
Edited by Julia Maryanska
Sound mixed by Chris James
Produced by Burning Man Communications

Thank you to the Bliss Dance Crew!

ALIA: Behind the Scenes

ALIA is a musical artist, DJ, producer and coach who has set out to unleash the next generation of trail-blazing, creative, entrepreneurial women leaders to amplify their impact and influence and become the thriving women who help build a thriving planet. - See more at: http://femvolution.com

Women's Wisdom Initiative
Mothers Rising Strong

Honest Mamas is a socially conscious, women owned and operated business that, in addition to being a website devoted to the well being of mothers everywhere, considers itself a forum for social advocacy.

This summer, the Honest Mamas team was invited by Traci Ruble, founder of Psyched in San Francisco, to collaborate on a video that allows mothers a non-judgmental platform to be heard, witnessed and loved through their dark-night-of-the-soul Mothering Moments.

The Honest Mamas team is honored to have collaborated with Traci Ruble on this project. Traci has a deep respect for authenticity and truth telling on the motherhood journey. We jumped at the chance to work with her because of her reputation as an incredibly effective and loving force for social change. She had a very clear vision for this passion project. Traci worked with integrity and unbeatable work ethic to deliver a video that we are all incredibly moved by and proud to share.

To all the mothers out there, we understand those desperate and dark days. We have all longed for a safe place to be heard in our struggles. You are not alone. We are here for you, we see you, and we dedicate this video to you.

Psyched in San Francisco founder Traci Ruble and Honest Mamas present to you “Mothers Rising Strong.”


WOMAN: The Embodiment Experience 2015

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