If you’ve made your way to this page you are likely standing on that threshold, wanting to step out a little further, be seen in a new way, and you’re wondering who is the right person to hold you in that.


I’d love to tell you why I do what I do.


First, I am a humanist.


Ever since getting an analog film camera in my hands in a college photography class, I hit the streets making portraits of whoever would engage my lens.


I noticed men and young children were usually less inhibited to turn towards me, while adolescent girls and women were often shy or averse to having their portrait taken.


If you grew up in Western Society, you, like me, were likely slammed with mainstream media setting unattainable beauty standards. Growing up through my 20s never really believing I was beautiful. It would only be years later, looking at photographs taken of me in the past that I could appreciate my unique look, my beauty, my curves, my dimples and quirky smile.


Today, I bring all this awareness into my work with humans of all ages, with a mission to create a field of permission to be your WHOLE self. The photo sessions become healing sessions in which we can re-pattern limiting beliefs about ourselves, and the outcome is a series of visual anchors to prove it.


Our planet needs all of us – and especially women and girls – to inhabit our true power, and I am a stand for that. My work as an image maker is in service to reflecting beauty, power and strength– whether that is in your roar or your vulnerability – back to YOU.


SUNDAY September 16 - The Mystic Witch Photoshoot

1-witching Hour.jpg

This photoshoot is an invitation for 5 women to express the more hidden, artful, ritualistic, nature connected, sensual, and empowered parts of themselves. We will cultivate our women's circle on this day. The opportunity will be to have individual as well as group photos. 

We will be holding an opening circle in one of the Redwood Groves in Marin County to connect with the lands and activate the Witch you wish to embody and document during this time together. Imagine conjuring the version of the witch you once were or the witch you’ve always dreamt to be and integrating her into your present self, along side nature.



Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 5.17.30 PM.png
Julia bathes everyone in her field with warm approval and evocation of our best selves. In our photo shoot, she immediately soothed my anxiety and welcomed a comfortable embodiment. She held my intentions throughout the session, reminding me of my own bigger picture and desires. She moved nimbly and thoroughly, offering a steady stream of creative guidance. She was also graciously responsive to my ideas, though I only wish I had let go and followed her lead EVEN MORE, because all of the shots that were her suggestions turned out to be the best ones!
I would (and did) recommend her to all my friends!
— ~Kait Singley, Sexological Bodyworker

Portrait Sessions

  • $575 for 2-3 hours at one location.

  • $900 for a full day 4-5 hour photo journey with multiple locations.

  • You'll receive a digital gallery with up to 40 of the best photos, color corrected.

Whether you are looking to mark a moment in time for yourself or are ready to revamp your business offerings or, we'll start our session with a consultation/coaching call in which we'll explore what ground you feel ready to break, what your inspirations are, and what kind of landscape makes your heart sing and your body smile.


From there, we'll identify our location, discuss your wardrobe and make preparations for our time together. Each session is an opportunity to play, get lost in time, explore deeper layers and deepen in intimacy with ourselves.


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.25.32 PM.png
Working with Julia was a really wonderful experience. Neither I nor my spouse particularly feel comfortable being in front of the camera, but Julia’s style was so seamless and non-intrusive that it just felt like a delightful hang-out session with a friend. Our conversation was deep and wide-ranging, and brought out the best in us. Julia is a sensitive, perceptive, compassionate presence and a talented photographer!
— Caitlin Sislin

Family sessions

  • $575 for 2-3 hours at one location.

  • You'll receive a digital gallery with up to 40 of the best photos, color corrected.


Looking back on my own family photos, taken mostly by my dad on his Analog Nikon, I love those moments he captured in action, me sitting in the pots and pans, pulling on the phone cord while my mom tries to have a conversation, that precious moment of a snuggle, a kiss or an organic eruption of laugher.


This session offers the opportunity for your family to be completely itself. I love coming to people's homes and just striking up a conversation. You may not even notice when I take the first photo, as we're mostly just hanging out and having great conversations. What results is a series of photos documenting you being you, authentic and real.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.44.59 PM.png
Thank you again for SUCH a delightful photo experience in celebration of my baby girl who is getting ready to come through the portal! That was the best time i’ve ever had in a photo shoot. And so sweet to be graced by the wild with a double rainbow and all of the amazing foam! The foam in those pictures is ridiculously beautiful!

I’ve shown the pictures to a couple friends and my mom and they were totally flabbergasted by the beauty and asking “who took these!?” so, I’ve been talking about you :)
— Lani Yadegar, Social Studio Coaching

Maternity Sessions


  • $575 for 2-3 hours at one location.

  • $900 for a full day 4-5 hour photo journey with multiple locations.

  • You'll receive a digital gallery with up to 40 of the best photos, color corrected.


As I am myself in the middle of my pregnancy journey, I know now of the truly otherworldly experience it is to grow life inside of my body. For years, I have been drawn towards photographing pregnant women, and they toward me! Pregnancy and motherhood can bring up so many feelings – fear, doubt, excitement, deep fulfillment, and so on – and all of this is welcome here.


The invitation here is to re-story yourself and have an experience of seeing, through my eyes, the beauty your body is making. At this time more than ever, we as women need to reclaim our depth of power, wisdom and knowing that lays within the body, and pregnancy provides a wonderful portal through which to do that.





I'm a filmmaker + photographer – a creative mind, mindfully creating. I believe that by building compelling narratives out of our human stories, we can create a more connected, empathetic and meaningful world.

The path I have chosen to walk is one on the edge, as this is where diversity thrives and newness can be born. It's clear that with the crumbling of so many of our existing systems – economic, relational, environmental – we have a need for new narratives that can give us a sense of hope and direction toward the more beautiful world we know is possible.

In much of my work, I seek out and am sought by those who dare to live their new stories. Using my artistry, I craft narrative driven videos for organizations, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, artists and change-makers. Together, we create storytelling videos that allow your message to reach wider audiences and contribute to the NEW stories we must tell to make way for a more connected and sustainable planet.